Palladium Presents ISC2023 Internet Security Conference!
Release time: 2023.08.14 | Source: 帕拉迪

From August 9th to 10th, the 11th Internet Security Conference (hereinafter referred to as "ISC Conference") with the theme of "Security as a Service, Opening a New Palladiumgm of Digital Security in the Era of Artificial Intelligence" was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. The conference aims to create the world's first AI digital security summit, gathering global security pioneers, expert think tanks, and industry leaders to participate in depth, and draw a new blueprint for the integration and development of digital security and AI technology.


As a leading comprehensive solution provider in the field of data center security and intelligence, Palladium was invited to attend the ISC conference, bringing self-developed security products in the three directions of management security, database security and log big data analysis to the digital security achievement exhibition area of the conference, and brought a keynote speech on "Privileged Identity Access Security Management Solution" to the guests on the "ISC Talk" stage, sharing the practical experience of privileged identity management accumulated in the field of digital security. 

The exhibition area unveiled the exchange results

At the event, the Palladium safety team introduced the three major product systems of Palladium to the booth visitors, and deeply interpreted the mature solutions and security practical experience accumulated by Palladium in finance, government, education, medical care, energy, large enterprises, operators and other industries, attracting many participants to stop and communicate. The booth was full of visitors, and the atmosphere was hot! 

Stage presentations to share experiences

Palladiums guest speaker Liang Zhu delivered a keynote speech on "Privileged Identity Access Security Management Solution" on the "ISC Talk" stage. 

He said that in the architecture design of information security construction, everyone has gradually formed a consensus: data security is the core of modern network security defense system, identity management is the key to data security, and 80% of leakage incidents involve the loss of identity credentials. Therefore, the best practice for privileged account security management is to achieve full coverage and lifecycle management of privileged account types.

Based on the zero-trust security architecture, Palladiums' overall solution for privileged identity access security management is a comprehensive solution designed for managing access credentials of privileged accounts with password security issuance ecosystem as the core, privileged identity access session control as the starting point. This solution can effectively solve the problems of unclear account authority ledger, password plaintext storage risk, difficulty in automatic password cycle change, and lack of control over database operations.
See you next time at ISC!
So far, Palladium's trip to the ISC conference has ended perfectly. Under the general trend of the digital era, Palladiums will continue to uphold the technological development concept of "vertical specialization", closely follow the dynamics of industry policies, constantly improve its products and solutions, exert the strong strength of technological innovation in the field of digital security, empower various industries to strengthen information security, and escort the construction of digital China.
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