DIM(Database Identity Management)
Product Overview
Based on the "zero trust" security model, Database Identity Management supports database operation and maintenance security management and database leakage prevention from the aspects of personnel security authentication, application access control, database compliance login, operation and maintenance authority management, work order process system, operation and maintenance operation audit, so as to meet the requirements of database operation and maintenance security internal control and various laws and regulations, Finally, the problems of security governance, account risk control, transmission channel control, in-depth access control and database operation and Maintenance Authority Governance on the database operation and maintenance side are solved.
Deployment mode
Support the deployment mode of reverse proxy and logical series, and enhance the security of database operation and maintenance without changing the network environment;
Comprehensive multi factor authentication, which can freely combine radius, ad domain, digital certificate, USBKEY, token, LDAP, fingerprint, OTP, SMS, CSA, SAML, enterprise wechat, nail and other authentication methods.
The call of database operation and maintenance tools is diversified, which can support unified application release or call local operation and maintenance tools, and can realize automatic password filling and operation audit;

It realizes account bypass prevention and supports binding with natural persons through database accounts to prevent unauthorized use of other accounts.

The database upload and download channels are controlled separately to prevent data leakage;

The database account number is automatically changed, and the operation account password is recovered to meet the compliance requirements;

Bind the natural person identity of the database operation and maintenance account, manage the rights of database addition, deletion, modification and query, and quickly block illegal operations;

Customer Benefits

Realize the whole process audit of operation and maintenance management, authority control, channel control and operation of database operation and maintenance account;

Realize the two-way independent control of the whole protocol channel of the database to prevent data transmission leakage;

Provide periodic encryption change for database account risk to ensure the security of database account;
Provide customers with visual database operation and maintenance permission management view;

Multi platform adaptability, multi browser support and byod function realize any connect of database operation and maintenance;

Enhance the ability of database management, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce operational risk, realize all-round fine-grained audit of operation, and provide fault traceability.
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