PAM(Privileged account management)
Product Overview

Palladium privileged identity security management system (pam-plus) combines ITIL, ITSM, it internal control, SOX act \ COBIT regulations, information security level protection 2.0 and it operation and maintenance management requirements, follows the deep encirclement technical framework in the information assurance technical framework (IATF), and combines the relevant characteristics of "zero trust" security model, automatic security operation and maintenance and database identity governance, Finally, it solves the problems of unified security governance, centralized risk detection, transmission channel management and control, in-depth access control and privileged identity governance of database operation and maintenance.

Deployment mode


Excellent platform adaptability and multi browser support;

Full protocol support for HTML5 convenience operation and maintenance;

Dedicated C / s security client, which can realize network stealth;

Dedicated management and operation and maintenance app under Android and IOS platforms;

Comprehensive authentication support, including local authentication, ad domain authentication, LDAP authentication, radius authentication, certificate authentication, token authentication, CAS authentication, SAML authentication, SMS authentication, fingerprint authentication, enterprise wechat authentication, nail authentication and other authentication methods;

Privileged account security inspection, automatic and regular discovery of account risks;

RDP, FTP / SFT, SCP, database full channel file transfer control;

Intelligent API interface, which can be seamlessly connected with cloud management platform, CMDB, ITIL / ITSM and other platforms;

Support the automatic operation and maintenance platform to call the target asset authority, two-way independent control of access channel and operation command control;

Automatic encryption of database application and web application;

The natural person identity of the database operation and maintenance account is bound, the database is being deleted, checked, the authority management and the rapid blocking of illegal operations;

Application publishing and single sign on support for private applications and programs;

Customer Benefits

Realize the operation and maintenance management, authority control, channel control and whole process audit of operation of privileged account;

Solve the universal problems such as fraudulent use and abuse of privileged identity;

Realize two-way independent control of all protocol channels to prevent data transmission leakage;

Provide periodic security assessment for account risk of asset system;

Provide customers with visual database operation and maintenance permission management view;

Provide privileged account security for automatic operation and maintenance;

Provide security operation and maintenance support services for ITSM, CMDB and other platforms;;

Multi platform adaptability, multi browser support and byod function, realizing any connect;

Enhance the ability of enterprise privilege management, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce operational risk, realize all-round fine-grained audit of operation, and provide fault traceability.

Classic case
  • State Grid
  • Bank of Zhengzhou
  • Bank of Hubei
  • Zheshang Bank
  • Haitong Securities
  • Huazhong University of science and technology
  • Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • SMIC International
  • Zhejiang provincial Taxation Bureau
  • China National Railway
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