NGDAP(Next generation database application defense system)
Product Overview

There are too many uncertain factors in data security, and traditional security equipment can only protect against known threats. Therefore, the key of security protection should be to make efficient, timely and accurate early warning and blocking of known and unknown threats. The database security protection scheme launched by palladi can solve the security problems at different levels of the database.

Database network firewall

The network IP address and protocol port are used to prevent unauthorized access to the database host operating system, such as remote download and copy, and solve the threat of data leakage at the operating system level.

Database behavior firewall

Using streaming session technology to fully analyze the database protocol can give an efficient, accurate and timely early warning and block the internal illegal database operation, so that there is no hiding place for malicious illegal operations.

Database access firewall

Solidify the access access rules through the self-learning of the white list (automatically learn the five elements of database access behavior, and artificially solidify the security rules through the manager). The uncured database access behavior will carry out real-time early warning and session blocking (access source access factors include host name, user name, application tool name and database account name), Fundamentally solve the threat of malicious database access.

Database service firewall

Palladi breaks through the technical barriers based on the rule base security protection system, uses the stream session technology to automatically sample and learn the keywords, logical relationships and other characteristics of business SQL statements, and combined with high-performance SQL semantic analysis and calculation, constructs the corresponding SQL syntax tree and completes the modal data modeling, so as to carry out efficient, timely and accurate early warning and blocking of unknown threats. Fundamentally solve the security threats of three-tier business system access, such as SQL injection attack, Zero Day attack, apt attack, web Trojan horse, backdoor program and other attacks that threaten the database.

Deployment mode


Support bypass image deployment, and create bypass blocking technology;

Support transparent bridge and reverse proxy deployment, and create an original non aware by pass technology;

Completely solve the threat to database data caused by Zero Day attack, apt attack, SQL injection attack, web Trojan horse, backdoor program and other means;

Intuitively and timely grasp the security status of the business system;

Complete the security filtering of massive data;

Efficient, timely and accurate early warning and blocking of any database security threat.

Customer Benefits

Identify unauthorized or suspicious activities by continuously tracking all database operations without affecting performance and modifying the database, and block them in time to avoid network attacks on the database;

Improve the convenience of users' database security management, and improve users' risk control and compliance;

Ensure the security and integrity of enterprise business system data;

Set up a defense line around the database, so as to "resist the enemy outside the country" and support the "umbrella" for enterprise business security.

Classic case
  • Baoji hi tech people's Hospital
  • Baxter diamond
  • Anhui Agricultural University
  • Anhui Guoyuan Securities Co., Ltd
  • Anhui Institute of International Business
  • Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology
  • Zhejiang Radio and Television Group
  • China Ping An
  • China Unicom
  • China Telecom
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