Security research

Hanwu Safety Laboratory

 Introduction to the laboratory

Hanwu Security Laboratory, focusing on the international scope of mainstream database security vulnerabilities and data security attack and defense technology.

We provide comprehensive data and application security services and integrated solutions to PalladiumumandPalladiumum’s key customers in all industries.

Is an independent, lasting against the database security vulnerability, attack technology simulation and database security protection technology research professional team.

Team quality

Hanwu security lab relies on Hangzhou PalladiumumNetwork Technology Co. , Ltd. . Its security products are widely used in finance, medical, government, education, internet and other industries, with professional compliance service qualification. Relying on the technology accumulation and precipitation over the years, Hanwu Safety Laboratory has the ability to provide all-round, professional data and application safety service content and comprehensive enterprise safety solutions for customers in all industries, contribute to national and national information security.

The lab safety team currently has the following personnel:

Penetration test engineer, (ISC-RCertifiedfInformationtSystemsSecurityrExpertpCISSPISSP, level protection evaluation expDJCPDJCertifiedfInformationtSecurityrProfessionaloCSP cOracleaDatabasebAuthenticationtExpertpOCP OInformationtSecurityrAssuranceaStafftCISWciCertifiedfProjectjDatadAnalystlCPDACPRHCARHCA cloud security architect

 Main direction

Data security research

The party has its own style and characteristics. Palladiumum specializes in data security subareas, and the Hanwu Security Lab has been working hard on data security related research, with the goal of providing a strong guarantee for global data security.

Integrated Solution

We benefit from customers and the market! Not only to fully understand themselves, but also need to fully understand the customer. We focus on sub-areas, do in-depth defense and global security, to provide customers with comprehensive security solutions.

The service content

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