EPV(PLD Enterprise Password Vault)
Product Overview

With the successive promulgation and implementation of security laws and regulations such as the Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China, the Data Security Law of the People's Republic of China and the Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, as well as the supervision and implementation of the Measures for the Management of Graded Protection of Information Security, enterprise managers have gradually improved their awareness of network information security and paid more attention to the internal network security construction of enterprises.

In the process of enterprise informatization construction, with the growth of business volume, the number of asset accounts has also increased significantly, and the difficulty and complexity of account password management have also increased, and it is difficult for traditional security products to fully cover such a large amount of account password management. Moreover, due to the large volume and wide distribution of account passwords, it is inevitable that there will be weak passwords, long-term unchanged passwords, unknown purpose accounts and other phenomena, which are often the most critical entry points in the attack chain. Although enterprises deploy a large number of security equipment to ensure the internal network information security of the enterprise, but the traditional password management construction is mainly relying on "bastion host" and other similar platforms, they can not comprehensively, safely and effectively manage the password, in the entire network security, information security construction, password security management problems are increasing, enterprises urgently need independent password security products to manage asset account passwords.

Palladium Enterprise Password Safe (EPV) is a professional account password management product based on zero trust security management architecture to solve the risk of enterprise account password management. EPV mainly solves the problems and needs of enterprise users in password security storage, periodic automatic password change, password issuance security, automatic account acquisition and risk analysis, and password activity recording.

Deployment mode
1. Based on the design of zero trust security management structure, realize C/S mode interaction, and ensure platform security through secure access control chain;
2. Support built-in hardware encryption card to realize encrypted storage and connection of national secret algorithm and enhance password storage security;
3. Support automatic password change cycle, comprehensive coverage, to achieve security and compliance requirements related to password management;
4. Provide cryptographic issuance methods based on executable programs, dynamic link libraries, middleware components, Restful APIs and other program interfaces, without limiting platforms and types, to meet the requirements of different scenarios;
5. Secure and rigorous authorization verification mechanism, verification authorization for all password acquisition sources to ensure that password acquisition sources are secure and trustworthy;
6. Support account acquisition and risk analysis, realize the discovery, inventory and risk analysis of enterprise information center accounts, and avoid O&M management risks;
7. Fine-grained log auditing, covering all logs in the account password lifecycle management to ensure that password activities can be checked and traced;
8. Support hot standby of dual machines to avoid the risk of single point of failure.
Customer Benefits
1. Build a centralized and unified password security storage platform to meet the needs of localization and national secret transformation;
2. Realize the traceability and traceability of cryptographic activities, and meet the requirements of relevant standards such as laws and regulations;
3. Establish a secure, stable, credible and controllable password management system, standardize the management process of account passwords in enterprise data centers, and reduce risks in account management and password management;
4. Implement the requirements for password cycle change in enterprise data centers, and solve the problem of changing the password of the connection profile of Python, middleware and other programs;
5. Build a middle platform for enterprise asset account discovery and risk analysis, and improve the risk control and early warning capabilities of enterprises in the process of account and password management;
6.With the help of enterprise password safe password issuance technology, implement password call authority control for third-party programs such as operation and maintenance gateways, automated operation and maintenance platforms, custom development programs, and middleware programs, and eliminate password interface abuse.
Classic case
  • 国家电网
  • 郑州银行
  • 湖北银行
  • 浙商银行
  • 海通证券
  • 华中科技大学
  • 中国疾病预防控制中心
  • 中芯国际
  • 浙江省税务局
  • 中国国家铁路
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