Meet at China International Finance Exhibition, Palladiums invites you to Beijing!
Release time: 2023.04.17 | Source: Palladium

From April 25th to 27th, the China International Finance Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the financial exhibition) with the theme of "Gathering Financial Technology Achievements, Demonstrating the Power of Digital Finance and Composing a New Chapter of China's Modernization of Financial Services" will be held in Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center. Through exhibitions and a series of activities, this year's financial exhibition will comprehensively display the fruitful achievements of the financial industry in improving the scientific and technological innovation system, accelerating the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance, continuously improving the level of financial services, and promoting high-quality economic development.

As a leading provider of integrated solutions in the field of data center security and intelligence in the cybersecurity industry, Palladium was invited to participate in the 3-day China International Finance Exhibition.

During the conference, Palladium will bring the latest scenario-based solutions for the financial industry at booth 821/822

1. Database security overall solution based on zero trust architecture
2. Privileged identity access security management overall solution

At that time, we look forward to exchanging practical experience in digital transformation of the financial industry and serving the real economy with colleagues from all walks of life in the financial industry, and jointly promoting the overall improvement of the industry's financial technology innovation and application capabilities and the comprehensive depth of digital transformation!

Palladiums Booth【821/822】
Hall 7 of Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center

China International Finance Exhibition, we will not disperse!

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