The 2023 Palladiums Southwest Channel Summit ended successfully!
Release time: 2023.04.21 | Source: Palladium

On April 19, 2023, the 2023 Palladiums Southwest Channel Summit was grandly held at the Hilton Chengdu, the country of Tianfu, Sichuan.

At this summit, Palladium shared Palladium's brand development strategy, market interpretation, channel policies and case sharing to hundreds of partners in southwest China, helping southwest partners develop steadily, move forward and win the future.

A beautiful souvenir was prepared for the participating partners, and after entering the venue, everyone signed in one after another to receive the souvenir. With everyone sitting in an orderly manner, the channel summit officially kicked off.

Mr. Chen delivered a speech

At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Yun, general manager of Palladium, delivered a speech on the stage, saying that the holding of the channel summit reflects Palladium's great importance to the southwest market and its determination to contribute to the promotion of the digital economy in southwest China.

Mr. Chen emphasized: Palladium has been deeply engaged in data center security and intelligence for 18 years, focusing on three subdivisions of management security, database security and log big data analysis, creating a precedent in the bastion host industry, and making major changes and optimizations in the database security industry and log big data analysis.
Lay out new markets and build a new future together

At the meeting, Huang Chen, general manager of Southwest Sales Center, shared Palladium's market strategy layout. He said: In the past 20 years, the cybersecurity industry has undergone tremendous and profound changes, and Palladium has always adhered to the "vertical specialization" technology development concept, deep cultivation of global niche market, adhere to market-oriented, global industry customers provide professional top network security solutions.

Then, from the international market to the domestic market, he analyzed the business opportunities and challenges of data center construction. He said that on the user side, Palladiums launches a new comprehensive solution every year, determined to continuously and efficiently solve the major difficulties in the security construction of user data centers! On the channel side, unswervingly implement the dual strategy of entering the user and the channel as king, and achieve win-win value!
Insight into the era of "post-protection" and win-win new blue ocean market

At the meeting, Chen Wenchao, sales director of Southwest Sales Center, combined with the construction status of the "post-insurance" era, deeply analyzed the network security market trends and key needs.

He said that with the introduction of a series of national and industry policies, the challenges faced by enterprises are escalating. From Equal Protection 1.0 to Equal Protection 2.0, the network security construction of enterprises has gradually moved towards refinement and scenario-based, starting from "compliance" to "effectiveness", from "large and comprehensive" to "fine and refined".
As a veteran security vendor rooted in the cybersecurity industry for 18 years, Palladium has rich practical experience in cybersecurity and strong solution capabilities. With high market acumen and forward-looking safety vision, Palladium has deeply explored the market opportunities in the era of "post-guarantee", and is committed to providing customers in various industries with cutting-edge innovative technology products and high-quality security technology services to achieve a win-win situation in the "post-guarantee" era.
Holistic solution Customized best practices

At the meeting, Yang Sen, a security expert from Southwest Sales Center, deeply interpreted the practical application of Palladium's latest solution in the market.

Combining the practical experience of a manufacturing industry and education industry, he deeply analyzed how the overall solution of Palladiums' privileged identity access security management and database security provides effective governance methods for enterprises in actual pain point scenarios, and won unanimous praise from customers.
He said that Palladium has accumulated a wealth of scenario-based solutions and benchmarking cases in the industry, covering all industries such as finance, government, healthcare, education, energy, large enterprises, and operators. Eighteen years of hard work, Palladium will continue to provide targeted product portfolios and solutions according to the needs and characteristics of different industries, and provide enterprises with more comprehensive security protection services with faster response speed.
Enter the user channel is king

At the meeting, Wang Jintao, channel director of Southwest Sales Center, introduced the channel system and channel advantages in Southwest China.

He emphasized that adhering to the channel concept of "having partners, having a future", Palladium has always received deep trust and support from partners.
He said that the Southwest Sales Center is committed to providing timely and effective localization services for our partners; Continue to be sincere-based, continue to pay attention to user experience, adhere to the comprehensive channel strategy, so that every partner continues to make profits.
Immersive interactive experience One-on-one in-depth interpretation

In order to show the Palladiums practice scene more intuitively, a customer environment was also set up on site, and the Palladium security team answered questions one-on-one. After in-depth demonstrations and exchanges, partners expressed that they had better help in improving channel sales ideas and tactics, and the atmosphere was warm!

At the same time, Palladiums prepared an exquisite tea break for the participants, which was convenient for everyone to continue to cooperate in addition to communication.

A successful conclusion
So far, the Palladium 2023 Southwest Channel Summit has come to a successful end. In the future, Palladium will continue to expand the southwest market, unswervingly practice the channel strategy, join hands with more partners to deeply explore market opportunities, sincerely communicate and deepen cooperation, create a new market for cybersecurity, and win a new future of cybersecurity!
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