The 2023 Palladium East China Channel Summit ended successfully!
Release time: 2023.05.08 | Source: Palladium

On April 25, the 2023 PalladiumEast China Core Channel Salon was grandly held at Wyndham Grand Palace Hangzhou.

At the meeting, Palladiumshared the three major product systems and strategic plans of Palladiumin 2023 with core channel providers in East China, interpreted channel cooperation policies, analyzed business opportunities, and gained insight into the competitiveness of Paradi's core products, helping partners develop steadily and win a win-win future.

A beautiful souvenir was prepared for the participating partners, and after entering the venue, everyone signed in one after another to receive the souvenir. As everyone took their seats in an orderly manner, the salon meeting officially kicked off.

Mr. Chen delivered a speech

At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Yun, General Manager of Paradi, delivered a speech for the core channel salon.

He said that since its establishment, Palladiumhas been adhering to the technology development concept of "vertical specialization", providing professional and top-level cybersecurity solutions to global industry customers, which has been widely recognized by the market. On the one hand, Paradi's achievements are inseparable from the trust, support and help of customers and partners; On the other hand, it is also inseparable from the strategic layout of Paradi's foresight.
He said that in the past 18 years, Palladiumhas continued to cultivate data center security and intelligence, focusing on three subdivisions of management security, database security and log big data analysis, creating a precedent in the bastion host industry and making major changes and optimizations in the database security industry and log big data analysis. In the future, Paradis will continue to leverage the strength of industry leaders to provide the best products and the best services for companies in all walks of life.
1- Focus on "special" control and "rights"

At the meeting, Wang Feng, Chief Security Officer of Paradis, introduced the management security series products in Paradi's three product systems in detail, and analyzed the core competitive advantages of Paradi's privileged identity access security management solution based on industry requirements and customer scenarios.

He noted that "privilege is everywhere and identity is the new frontier," and that identity has become the new frontier with the digital transformation of enterprises. Paradis Privileged Identity Access Security Management Solution is a comprehensive solution designed for managing access credentials of privileged accounts based on zero trust architecture, with password security issuance ecology as the core and privileged access session control as the starting point. The solution is mature, stable, safe and reliable, and supports CS O&M, local call, H5, security client O&M, and mobile O&M, meeting industry requirements such as Xinchuang + State Secret.
2- Delete the library and run? Inexistent!

At the meeting, Xie Xianqing, technical director of East China Sales Center, introduced the database security series products in the three major product systems in detail, and interpreted the core highlights of Paradi's overall database security solution based on actual cases.

He said that the overall solution of Paradis database security is based on the zero trust architecture to carry out compliance management and effective control of centralized management and security access of operation and maintenance work, and solve the database security risks that are common in the network security industry at this stage.
3- Massive log management, restore the "truth" of logs!

Fan Zhenlong, senior technical manager of East China Sales Center, brought you a detailed introduction to the log big data analysis series products in the three major product systems.

He said that iSIEM, the Palladiumsecurity event big data platform, can centrally collect massive log data across the network to achieve centralized management, real-time monitoring, alarm analysis and rapid retrieval of logs, and the deep correlation analysis module supports multi-dimensional and multi-event correlation analysis of the entire attack process and flexible configuration of event flows.
Finally, he analyzed the potential risks of circumvention login in a timely manner through practical cases, effectively ensuring O&M security.
Sincere cooperation, hand in hand for win-win results

Song Hao, general manager of East China Sales Center, started from national policies and combined with the current situation of high-quality development and construction of network security, and led everyone to deeply analyze the market opportunities and dividends of the network security industry.

He said that in 2023, the scale of China's network security industry will exceed 250 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 15%, and the network security market will continue to maintain a high growth trend, which also puts forward higher requirements for security vendors. As a veteran security vendor that has been deeply engaged in the network security industry for 18 years, Palladiumhas continuously explored and innovated in network security products and services, achieved rapid implementation of solutions, and helped enterprises develop with high quality and rapid development.
Then, Mr. Song introduced the channel system and channel advantages in East China in detail, and said that Paradis will continue to develop a sustainable channel cooperation model, adhere to channel as king, and strengthen brand promotion and customer cultivation to achieve business opportunities sharing and win-win cooperation.
Excellent partner, experience sharing
The development of Palladi to today is inseparable from the partners who have always supported us, the expansion of the market territory in East China, and the full support of every excellent partner.

At the meeting, some partners shared their experience on the stage, and they shared the development process of acquaintance with Palladi from the three dimensions of business opportunity acquisition, capacity development and process management, and received a round of applause.
A successful conclusion
So far, the 2023 Palladi East China Core Channel Salon has come to a successful end. In recent years, Paradis has deeply explored the value of channels, through the continuous integration of resources and market layout, with the help of global partners, relying on the cooperation of brand and marketing system, Paradis's channel strategy deployment has achieved remarkable results.
In the future, Palladiumwill adhere to the channel strategy for a long time, build a win-win partnership, and sincerely hope to develop together, grow and serve customers together with all partners, and jointly promote the healthy development of China's cybersecurity industry.

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