Palladium made a wonderful appearance at the China International Finance Exhibition
Release time: 2023.05.10 | Source: Palladium

On April 25, the three-day China International Finance Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing. As the highest-specification and longest-running financial technology exhibition in China, this year's financial exhibition is themed "Gathering Financial Technology Achievements, Demonstrating the Power of Digital Finance, and Composing a New Chapter of Chinese-style Modernization of Financial Services", comprehensively displaying the continuous improvement of the scientific and technological innovation system of the financial industry, accelerating the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance, continuously improving the level of financial services, and helping the high-quality development of financial services.

As a leading comprehensive solution provider in the field of data center security and intelligence, Palladium was invited to attend the China International Finance Exhibition, showcased two of the latest scenario-based solutions in Palladium's financial industry, exchanged practical experience in digital transformation of the financial industry and serving the real economy with colleagues from all walks of life in the financial industry, and jointly promoted the overall improvement of the industry's fintech innovation and application capabilities and the comprehensive depth of digital transformation.

At the exhibition site, the Palladium booth attracted many customers in the financial field to stop and communicate! The Palladium security team introduced them to Palladium
#2 Latest scenario-based solutions in the financial industry#
Database security solution based on zero trust architecture
Privileged identity access security management overall solution
Among them, the practice of the tandem mode in the overall solution of database security to solve the pain points of the financial industry has attracted widespread attention from the customers present.

Dare to string because of the ability to string!

The technological breakthrough of high stability, no perception and low latency in the series mode provides an effective practical solution for the implementation of customer database security governance in the financial industry.
Palladium launches the latest featured scenario-based solutions in the financial industry
#Financial Industry#
Database security overall solution based on zero trust architecture

Based on the zero trust architecture, the Palladium database security solution provides compliance management and effective control of centralized management and secure access to O&M work, and solves the database security risks that are common in the financial industry at this stage.

#Financial Industry#
Privileged identity access security management overall solution

Based on the zero-trust security architecture, Palladiums' overall solution for privileged identity access security management is a comprehensive solution designed for managing access credentials of privileged accounts with password security issuance ecosystem as the core, privileged identity access session control as the starting point.

-Highlights of the booth-

So far, Palladium's trip to the China International Finance Exhibition has ended perfectly. In the future, Palladium will continue to closely follow the business development trend of the financial industry, actively explore and lead the new direction of financial security development, and continuously launch products and services that meet the security needs of the financial industry, so as to provide solid and powerful information security guarantees for the high-quality development of financial customers.
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