Strength Certification! Palladium on the list of security "2023 China cybersecurity market panorama"
Release time: 2023.05.17 | Source: Palladium

On May 16, 2023, the "2023 China Cybersecurity Market Panorama" (hereinafter referred to as the panorama) was officially released.

The panorama released this time divides China's cybersecurity product and service market into 13 first-level categories and 84 second-level classifications in 2023, and finally includes a total of 1,318 hot brands, and selects 406 domestic outstanding cybersecurity companies.
Details of Palladiums's listing
With 18 years of deep experience in the network security industry, Palladium has accumulated rich practical experience in network security and strong solution capabilities, and finally with excellent technical strength, forward-looking industry insight and far-reaching market influence, it has successfully listed Panorama's O&M Audit Privileged Account Management (PAM), Bastionhost, Log Analysis and Audit and other security segments.

Privileged Account Management (PAM)

O&M audits bastion hosts

Log analysis and auditing

As a professional and influential research institution in China's cybersecurity industry, DataSay Security has always implemented and implemented data-based research methods. This panorama deeply analyzes the actual development status, market maturity, brand penetration rate and technology development trend of each market segment, and summarizes and displays the hot brands in each market segment, hoping to provide reference and reference for China's cybersecurity industry authorities, practitioners, users and purchasers of cybersecurity products and services, and capital institutions.
It has been selected for several consecutive times in the "Panorama of China's Cyber Security Market", which is a high recognition of Palladiums's technical strength and market influence in the cybersecurity industry. In the future, Palladium will continue to cultivate the field of network security, use professional technical capabilities and forward-looking market insights to create more perfect network security products, provide better customer service, and continue to escort China's network security cause.

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