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Release time: 2023.07.04 | Source: Palladium

On July 4, the "Shiwei Yingyang Fulfillment and Practice: Data Security Segment Market Research Report 2023" (hereinafter referred to as the report) produced by the Roar Security Industry Research Institute was officially released.

The report aims to build on last year's data security insights, focusing on the market size, vendor players and product competition of data security market segments, etc., and elaborates on the revenue summary, subdivision map, vendor product recommendation, etc. of six important areas of the data security industry (data protection security, data sharing/circulation security, data security management, database security, data application security and data content security), as well as six key products (data leakage prevention products, data flow security products, Data leakage traceability and forensics, data asset management platform, database audit, big data risk control/anti-fraud), market size and typical case recommendations.
Deeply engaged in the data security market for many years,Palladium has accumulated rich experience in database security governance, not only has excellent solution capabilities, but also relies on forward-looking security vision, cutting-edge security technology and excellent security innovation capabilities, and finally successfully selected into the report's database operation and maintenance security, database firewall, database audit and security gateway and other subdivisions.
Details ofPalladiums's finalists

Database O&M security

Database firewall

Database auditing

Secure gateway

The shortlisting of the "2023 Data Security Segment Research Report" fully reflectsPalladium's strong strength in the field of data security and deep insight into the data security market. In the future,Palladium will continue to adhere to the "vertical specialization" technology development concept, always pay attention to the development trend of the industry, give full play to the focus and innovation ability in the field of data security, and provide users with more professional products and more comprehensive and high-quality services.
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