Network security supply chain manufacturers localization replacement guide released! Palladium has become the [first batch of localized alternative manufacturers] in the field of [privileged account management-PAM] product technology classification!
Release time: 2022.07.06 | Source: Palladium
Recently, Siyuan Business Consulting officially released the "Cyber Security Technology Supply Chain Report: Vendor Composition Analysis and Localization Substitution Guide Cyber Security Technology Supply Chain Report: Vendor Composition Analysis and Localization-Substitution Guide" report (2022) the first edition (below Referred to as "Localization Substitution Guide") report (1st edition).

The "Guide to Localization Alternatives" report system analyzes the mainstream network security technology supply chain manufacturers in the world and China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan that currently have business operations in China and have been purchased and used by domestic Party A enterprises and institutions. Product technical classification, and provide the corresponding localized alternative manufacturer guide. With its excellent localization capabilities, Palladium has become the first batch of localized alternative manufacturers in the field of product technology classification of 【Privileged Account Management·PAM】!

#Palladium PAM localization replacement details#
Privileged Identity Access  Management PAM
Palladium Privileged Identity Access Management  (PAM for short) combines ITIL, ITSM, IT internal control, SOX Act\COBIT regulations, information security level protection 2.0 and IT operation and maintenance management requirements, and follows the "Information Assurance Technology Framework (IATF)" The deep-envelope technical framework in the data center, combined with the relevant features of the "zero trust" security model, automated security operation and maintenance, and database identity governance, finally solves the unified security governance, centralized risk detection, transmission channel management and control of privileged accounts in the data center infrastructure. Difficulties in deep access control and database operation and maintenance privileged identity governance.

This time, it has become the first batch of localized alternative manufacturers in the field of privileged account management and PAM product technology classification, which reflects the industry's high recognition of Palladium's localization capabilities in the field of privileged account management.

With the continuous deepening and development of localization construction, localization network security is also facing increasingly severe tests. In the face of increasingly high localization requirements, Palladium has created a variety of network security solutions, which have reached the adaptation standard with many domestic systems. At present, Palladium's localization capabilities have been implemented in representative enterprises in the banking, government, energy and other industries. In the future, Palladium will continue to closely follow the national information security strategy and requirements, strengthen its independent research and development capabilities, and continue to improve the security of the platform. , openness, stability and other comprehensive performance, contribute to the construction of localized information!
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