Consecutive list! Palladium is listed in the seven core areas of "Roaring 2022 Network Security Industry Map"!
Release time: 2022.07.14 | Source: Palladium
On July 13, 2022, the Hoohoo Security Industry Research Institute and the National Cyber Security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park) officially released the “Hoohoo 2022 Network Security Industry Map”.

This map survey successfully included 312 network security companies, which are divided into six categories, including 102 sub-fields. According to the research data of the Howler Security Industry Research Institute, threat confrontation and security management accounts for 29.1%, application and industry security accounts for 25.0%, and data security accounts for 15.4%, which are the three mainstream directions of the network security industry. The hot subdivisions are zero trust, data leakage prevention, comprehensive data governance, database security, and drill guarantee.

With its leading technical advantages and market influence in the field of network security, Palladium has been successfully selected into the graph of zero trust, privileged account management, database security, identity access management, bastion machine, log analysis and auditing (SOC/SIEM), the next Seven core segments such as generation firewalls.

#Details of Palladium's list#

The consecutive selection of "Roar 2022 Network Security Industry Map" is not only the market and industry's re-recognition of Palladium's cyber security hard power, but also a strong proof of Palladium's accumulated security achievements in the cyber security industry over the years.

As a leading provider of comprehensive solutions in the field of data center security and intelligence, Palladium is based in Hangzhou, serving the world, guaranteeing a number of major national events, providing services for finance, government, education, medical care, energy, operators, Internet and large-scale Enterprises and other industry users provide professional comprehensive network security solutions.

In the future, Palladium will continue to adhere to the "vertical expertise" technology development concept, always pay attention to the development trend of the industry, give full play to its concentration and innovation in the field of network security, and provide users with more professional network security products and more comprehensive and high-quality network security services. 

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