Consecutive list! Palladium has been listed in multiple core sections of CCSIP 2022 China Network Security Industry Panorama (4th Edition)!
Release time: 2022.07.25 | Source: Palladium
Recently, FreeBuf Consulting, a subsidiary of the domestic security industry portal FreeBuf, officially released the "CCSIP 2022 China Network Security Industry Panorama" (fourth edition).

Compared with "CCSIP 2021 Panorama of China's Cybersecurity Industry" (third edition), "CCSIP 2022 China's cybersecurity industry panorama" (fourth edition) has an improved understanding of the 87 security segments and 578 security vendors previously displayed. Adjust and optimize, add 7 subdivisions, and finally display 94 subdivision security fields, including 862 security vendors, further expand the number and types of companies included, and strive to make the mainstream network security vendors on the market as the main product types. Categorize according to.

This panorama will continue to pay attention to the new wave of cybersecurity industry trends in 2022, and at the same time, it will also closely follow the development trend of the cybersecurity market, pay attention to the development status of enterprises, track cutting-edge technologies, and ensure the long-term reference value of CCSIP panorama to industry insiders.

With continuous innovation investment and professional technical service capabilities, Palladium has been selected into many core fields such as zero trust, database security, data security governance solutions, bastion machines, security consulting and training and education.

#Palladium's list details#

It is understood that FreeBuf CCSIP2022 continues its past experience and accumulates a database of supplementary information on domestic security vendors and security products by referring to various awards in the field of network security at home and abroad, Gartner Magic Quadrant, and authoritative reports issued by professional organizations. And a professional review team composed of FreeBuf consultants, market analysts, and TTSP think tank experts classifies and reviews security vendors. FreeBuf Consulting always adheres to the concept of development and innovation of network security, closely follows the development trend of the network security industry, pays attention to the dynamics of product and technology changes, and maintains objective neutrality and authority.

The continuous selection of "CCSIP 2022 China Cyber Security Industry Panorama" (fourth edition) proves Palladium's strong strength in the field of cyber security. In the future, Palladium will continue to pay attention to the development needs of the network security market, increase independent research and development efforts, and improve the level of technological innovation. Continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services, escort my country's network security!
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