Zero trust benchmarking manufacturer! Palladium was selected in the "Zero Trust Product and Service Purchase Decision Reference" of China's network security industry in 2022!
Release time: 2023.01.03 | Source: Palladium

Recently, GoUpSec, a network security industry research and analysis organization, released the "Zero Trust Product and Service Purchase Decision Reference" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") in 2022 for China's network security industry.

As an experienced and established security manufacturer, Palladium has advanced market insight and strong solution capabilities. Finally, with its excellent zero-trust product capabilities and high-quality security services, Palladium was successfully selected in this report and became an excellent representative manufacturer of zero-trust products and services in the network security industry!

This report includes a total of 20 domestic network security manufacturers, a total of 31 zero-trust products and services, and 29 successful implementation cases, respectively from key industries such as finance, government, medical care, operators, energy, Internet of Things, Internet, intelligent manufacturing, transportation, construction, real estate, automobile, retail, manufacturing, education, tobacco, etc.

The report emphasizes that although there is no unified starting point for the implementation path of zero trust, the integration of strong identity access management, endpoint security and security operation automation is the main focus in the initial stage.

Details of products recommended by Palladium Zero Trust

As Mr. Li, deputy general manager of Palladium, said, with the continuous development of the data center, the number of privileged accounts will increase and the types will become more and more complex. Therefore, the management of privileged accounts will become the focus of the implementation of zero trust.

At present, with its insight into privileged account management and excellent professional and technical capabilities, Palladium has successfully provided mature and complete privileged account management solutions for customers in the financial industry, won the full recognition of customers, accumulated profound governance experience, and established a good reputation in the industry.

The selection of "Zero Trust Product and Service Purchase Decision Reference" represents the full recognition of Palladium's zero trust ability by the industry and the market. In the future, Palladium will continue to maintain its sensitive market perception, provide corresponding zero trust products and services according to the development of the zero trust market and customer needs, and provide more solid support for the development of key industries and customers.

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