Innovation ability is recognized again! Palladium was selected into ISC2022 Digital Security Innovation Capability Map!
Release time: 2022.12.29 | Source: Palladium

Recently, ISC platform officially released ISC 2022 digital security innovation capability panoramic map (hereinafter referred to as "panoramic map").

The panorama atlas is selected and extracted from more than 300 manufacturers and more than 600 cases. After the discussion and judgment of the expert panel on the criteria of domain division and comprehensive innovation, it finally condenses into 14 current hot technology fields, comprehensively covers all kinds of digital application scenarios, and shows the representative innovation power in the digital security industry.

Palladium, who has been deeply involved in the security industry for many years, as an old security manufacturer with rich practical experience, not only has excellent solution capabilities, but also has a forward-looking security vision, cutting-edge security technology and excellent security innovation capabilities, and finally successfully selected into the identity security, data security and security operations and other core areas of Panorama.

Details of the shortlisted areas of Palladium

#Identity security field#

#Data security field#

#Safe operation field#


The selection of ISC 2022 Digital Security Innovation Capability Panorama is not only the recognition of Palladium's digital security innovation capability by the market and industry, but also a strong proof of Palladium's security innovation achievements accumulated over the years.

As one of the most exemplary innovative forces in the digital security industry, Palladium will continue to give full play to the solution capabilities and innovation capabilities of the old security manufacturers in the field of digital security, and provide users with more professional digital security products and better digital security services.

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