Customized security personnel training

Issuing authority:

Palladium  Training Center  — LSTC(Leadsino   Training Center)

Training introduction:

Customized personnel security training aims to help channel partners and Party B's security service company quickly establish information security service management system, talent technology training and project management process. The training directions include the following three categories:

Penetration test engineer

Provide courses such as web application penetration technology, intranet attack and web protection technology, penetration test standard learning and report document writing, professionally customize course training according to individual assessment, enrich diversified web target and Vuln OS target environment, CTF practice platform, clone the penetration simulation training platform built by real business system, and help enterprises (agents) Train safety penetration testers with penetration test and safety protection technology.

Safety Service Engineer

Help channel agents and customers to quickly establish a security service system and service personnel team. Provide its technical personnel with project experience and skill training required for security services, including network equipment patrol inspection, vulnerability scanning, security configuration inspection, equipment security reinforcement, security strategy linkage optimization, network emergency response, malicious virus detection and killing, attack and defense drill environment construction, log audit and attack traceability, and other security service training courses, so as to provide channels with project implementation process Output document templates, method manuals and tools, as well as team personnel skill advanced tree planning and personnel recruitment skill requirements.

Data security engineer

Provide training courses on the management, use and security protection skills of mainstream databases (Oracle / my SQL / MSSQL), a variety of real business data scenarios, data security training platform and Vuln sqli attack training platform, so that they have the skills of database security management, security configuration, database security inspection, attack testing, vulnerability verification and data security protection (web and database security).

Suitable personnel:  

Technical personnel of Palladium cooperation channel partners, safety technical personnel of large and medium-sized enterprises, safety technical service personnel of Party B's safety service company or college students.

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