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Security reinforcement services mainly include enterprise security baseline design, database security rectification, website system security reinforcement and system level protection security rectification.

Content description

Security baseline design: Based on information security evaluation standards, combined with best practice experience, mainstream enterprise security standards and level protection requirements in the industry, and according to the actual business system situation of the enterprise, develop the software development security red line, network computing equipment security configuration baseline, system online standard and system rectification and reinforcement baseline.

Database security rectification: Based on the safety standard baseline and industry best practice, adjust the software configuration of the database, optimize the safety protection measures, reach a certain security level or put forward a safety reinforcement proposal.

Website security reinforcement: provide rectification for vulnerability repair, patch reinforcement, port service list sorting and other security policy optimization of the operating system host, web application system and database of portal level important websites and business systems.

Level protection safety rectification: conduct compliance safety inspection on the system with level protection, understand the compliance degree at the current stage, and provide level protection safety rectification services to meet the corresponding protection requirements; The cooperative qualification evaluation unit shall conduct evaluation and provide a one-year rectification and construction plan.

Output results


System information security rectification plan


Host security configuration baseline


Network security configuration baseline


Application security configuration baseline


Software security development baseline


Database security configuration baseline


Database / website / system security reinforcement Report

Reference standard

《信息技术 安全技术 信息安全管理实施指南》(ISO/IEC 27002:2013)

Implementation Guide for information technology security management (ISO / IEC 27002:2013)

《信息技术 安全技术 IT安全管理指南》(ISO/IEC 13335)

Information technology   Safety technology   It security management guide (ISO / IEC 13335)

《信息安全技术 信息系统安全等级保护基本要求》(GB/T 22239-2008)

Information security technology - basic requirements for security level protection of information systems (GB / T 22239-2008)

《信息安全技术 信息系统安全管理要求》(GB/T 20269-2006)

Information security technology - information system security management requirements (GB / T 20269-2006)

《信息安全技术 信息系统安全通用技术要求》(GB/T 20271-2006)

Information security technology - General technical requirements for information system security (GB / T 20271-2006)

《信息安全技术 信息安全风险管理指南》(GB/Z 24364-2009)

Information security technology - Guidelines for information security risk management (GB / Z 24364-2009)

《信息安全技术 信息安全风险评估规范》(GB/T 20984-2007)

Information security technology - Code for information security risk assessment (GB / T 20984-2007)

《信息安全技术 信息安全事件管理指南》(GB/T 20985-2007)

Information security technology - Guidelines for information security incident management (GB / T 20985-2007)

《信息安全技术 网络基础安全技术要求》(GB/T 20270-2006)

Information security technology - technical requirements for basic network security (GB / T 20270-2006)

《信息安全技术 信息系统物理安全技术要求》(GB/T 21052-2007)

Information security technology - technical requirements for physical security of information systems (GB / T 21052-2007)

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