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Security platform construction services include customized security laboratory construction, CTF practice platform construction and open source application system construction services for enterprises and universities.

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Construction of safety laboratory: help universities / enterprises quickly establish safety laboratory, develop daily lecture courses, build various web security / host security target environment, sort out safety learning knowledge base, and establish safety attack and defense practice manual.

Construction of CTF training platform: provide a safety training platform for CTF flag race, including topic environment, problem-solving ideas, practice manual, real target aircraft actual combat environment, and provide advanced learning routes.

Open source application system construction: according to customer needs, adopt an open source software system with high security, provide secondary development packaging, maintain system construction, and avoid software development expenses, including but not limited to web applications, enterprise cloud disk, enterprise learning classroom, Knowledge Q & a platform, vulnerability management platform, attack and defense drill environment, 



Reference example


Hanwu safety laboratory integrated platform v2.0  


Hanwu data security training platform v1.0  


Hanwu enterprise cloud disk system V1.2


Hanwu database security attack and defense practice platform v1.0


Lecture hall of Hanwu enterprise private school


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